Features old

Features old


Flexible, prompt and bespoke development.

Personalised homescreen to suit your role


Cloud based system powered by AWS.

We have a dedicated support team ready to accommodate any changes or solve issues that may crop up over the course of your study.


Any Browser

Any Device (Tablet, Smartphone, Desktop/Laptop Computer)

Exporting and Integration

Charts, tables and reports export to PDF, Excel and images. This means you can integrate Kapture data collection and analytics with your exisiting documentation, presentation and communication systems.

User Authentication
Data security
Login controls
Audit trails
Electronic signature

Robust and Compliant

21 CFR part 11 compliant.

Development follows strict protocols and all updates go through a rigourous testing procedure.

Customisation and Support

Tailored service, new features can be developed on customer request.

We release new versions specially for your study which enables us to adjust and configure Kapture to more closely match your needs.

Your trial, your Kapture

With all your Clinical trial system needs in one place, Kapture increases efficiency and reduces time to Clinical Study Reporting leading to shorter product submissions and thus saving money.

Individual clinical trials or whole development programmes can be quickly and flexibily deployed then managed either by your own Staff or by our own Team of experts.

Kapture is the only EDC solution which Investigators, Nurses, Patients, Data Managers and Project Managers alike love to use.